Barb Kelly

Oncology Practice Nurse – Clinical Nurse Consultant and Project Lead, FNQ Tele-Oncology Project

To say that Barb Kelly loves her job is an understatement. Each and every day, as an Oncology Nurse she provides treatments, support and advice to patients living with cancer. Over time, she develops warm relationships with patients and gets to know about them, their families and their lives. This connection means that she is able to turn treatments rooms into friendly places where the people are the focus, rather than the treatments themselves or the cancers which underlay them.

Originally from Victoria, Barb was a Nurse Unit Manager prior to relocating to Cairns almost 20 years ago. Since then, she has lead and managed highly innovative projects designed to improve access to high-quality oncology nursing services throughout the Far North. Establishing the Oncology Treatment Unit at Cairns Private Hospital and leading up the Far North Queensland Tele-Oncology Project are two projects of which Barb is very proud.

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